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Please note that the information
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take the place of sound medical
advice from a qualified practitioner.

It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical guidance for any health conditions you have.

Epigenetics Ltd accepts no responsibility for your health choices under any

Our vision is to deliver ingenious health solutions


All seminars are free of charge to our Platinum practitioners

You will obtain a certificate of attendence at each seminar which can go into your "learning with others" for CPD hours


Melbourne, Australia


16-18th March 2018


Contact   https://icaka.org.au/2018ICAKAAGM/



Kiev  Ukraine

14/15th April 2018


Contact   rehabilitolog@gmail.com


Istanbul  Turkey

28/29th April 2018


Contact Hakan Eraltan   hakaneraltan@gmail.com

Los Angeles  USA

19/20th May 2018  Special Double Bill

Auto immume diseases


Epigenetics v Genetic Determinism

enroll here

Antwerp  Belgium

26/27th May 2018

Bioenergetics and Autoimmune diseases

contact  Geert Drenth   geert.drenth@gmail.com

Bristol  UK

2nd June 2018

Epigenetics v Genetic Determinism

enroll here

Dublin  Eire

23/24th June 2018

Topics to be announced

enroll here

Crawley Sussex UK

30th June / 1st July 2018

Epigenetics v Genetic Determinism

enroll here for 30th June

enroll here for 1st July

Chicago   USA

2-5th August 2018

ICAK-USA Annual Meeting


contact  icak-usa.com

Crawley Sussex UK

22/23rd September 2018

Annual Update seminar

enroll here

Bristol UK

13th October 2018

Topic to be announced

enroll here

Crawley  UK

ASK Special

20th October 2018

Topic to be announced

Crawley UK

3/4th November 2018

Topic to be announced

enroll here for 3rd November

enroll here for 4th November

Los Angeles  USA

10/11th November 2018

Topic to be announced

enroll here

Dublin  Eire

1st December 2018

Platinum Practitioner workshop by invitation only.


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