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Item Number: 1886

Smart C Complex pack of 60 capsules *


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  • All our capsules come in a ‘postal pack’ container, designed to fit through any standard letterbox
  • Manufactured here in the UK to GMP standards in an ISO 9001:2015 accredited facility
  • Suitable for vegans
  • * FDA Compliant


What is the best way to build up our defence against those winter bugs?

It is that time of year again when we need to be arming our immune system to fight the seasonal viruses and bacteria.

Going down with colds and infections need not be inevitable, Vitamin C is a great way to build up our resistance.

Just any old Vitamin C will not do the job

What we need is Vitamin C Complex

Most Vitamin C supplements are just ascorbic acid – but Vitamin C is more than just ascorbic acid, it is a Vitamin C Complex, which is the form that we find in Nature.

Naturally occurring Vitamin C is a complex blend of many natural compounds which make the vitamin C work more effectively.  To strip out the bare ascorbic acid part of this complex is to remove all of the natural substances that work in harmony to give the optimal biological result we desire in our bodies.  It is like comparing a robot to a full functioning human being – you just don’t function as well without the whole complex working in natural synergy.

What is in Vitamin C Complex?

One of the ingredients in this complex is an enzyme called Tyrosinase which encourages lymphocytes to fight infection and it also supports the adrenal glands.  Tyrosinase is also involved in the production of L-DOPA and melanin for the skin, hair and nails.

Another substance found in the naturally occurring vitamin C complex is Vitamin P or bioflavonoidsRutin is one of these bioflavonoids, this strengthens connective tissue like blood vessels to prevent bursting, strengthening our cardiac system.

Also, Vitamin K is present in the complex, this promotes prothrombin which keeps blood clotting.

As in many natural substances, as yet unidentified enzymes and compounds complete the picture and work in harmony with the requirements of our bodies.


Epigenetics Smart C Complex

Contains the following organic natural food substances to provide a complete Vitamin C Complex:

  • Organic Reishi, Shitake Mushrooms and organic beetroot which are rich sources of tyrosinase. Beetroot also contains Vitamin K.
  • Rutin, a naturally occurring substance from buckwheat, provides the Vitamin P for the permeability of the blood vessels.
  • Hesperidin – a naturally occurring bioflavonoid to provide anti-histamine protection.
  • Alpha lipoic acid – this naturally recycles the Vitamin C which allows us to gain more benefit without taking very high doses.


Ingredient Amount per serving ECRDA* %DV*
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid) 250 mg 313%* 312%*
Beetroot 50 mg
Reishi mushroom 50 mg
Shiitake mushroom 50 mg
Alpha-lipoic acid 25 mg
Hesperidin 25 mg
Rutin 25 mg

† Percent Daily Reference Intakes (RI) not established.

* Percent Daily Reference Intakes (RI) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

INGREDIENTS: Ascorbic acid, Vegetable capsule (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), Organic beetroot (Beta vulgaris), Organic reishi mushroom fruiting body (Ganoderma lucidum), Organic shiitake mushroom fruiting body (Lentinula edodes), Alpha-lipoic acid, Hesperidin extract (Citrus medica), Rutin extract (Sophora japonica).

Suitable for vegans