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Item Number: 4153

Methylation & The New Genetics (Online Viewing)


In this webinar, Chris will be sharing his latest research on a range of topics.

This booking is intended for practitioners to view the webinar online. Due to the current restrictions, there is no in-person attendance for this event.

If you are a Platinum Practitioner please call us or email to purchase.


Chris will be updating the topic of Methylation and expanding upon his new research into easy and practical techniques for assessing varying genetic expressions introduced on the recent masterclass.

+ Challenging phenotype against genotype – calculating your biological age
+ Chromosomal over and under expression
+ Latest chromosomal charts which now include nutrients to optimise expression
+ DNA methylation and demethylation
+ Histone methylation
+ Acetylation
+ Role of methylation and demethylation in physical and mental health
+ How to measure hyper and hypo methylation imbalances
+ Epigenetic expansion into the discoveries of Dr Randy Jertle and Dr Moshe Szyf
+ Experiences, environment and lifestyle behaviours and how they influence our gene expression
+ Testing for the emotional meridian and muscle memory
+ The role of minerals as enzyme co-factors in optimising gene expression

Test Vials (Not Provided)
+ DNA Polymerase
+ Methyl Cytosine
+ CpG
+ Methyl Lysine
+ Arginine AKG
+ Ornithine AKG
+ SAMe Plus
+ Acetyl Cytosine
+ Acetyl Lysine


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