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Item Number: 3044

Lactobacillus Pentosus Powder 15g

£9.13 Exc. VAT

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P U R E  •  M I X   &   M A T C H  •  V E G A N

+ Pure Formula
Here at Epigenetics, the quality and purity of each ingredient is integral to our development of effective, bioavailable formulas. Our products are naturally pesticide-free and completely free from artificial fillers, additives, lubricants, binders, bulking agents and preservatives.

+ Designed for Mixing
Create your own bespoke probiotic mix without needing to take lots of capsules daily. Combine with other Epigenetics probiotic powders or take alone. Each sachet provides 15g (15 servings); combine to increase your supply whilst continuing to take 1g a day.

+ Vegan Friendly
We respect nature and as such we do our part and only use vegan-friendly ingredients in our Lactobacillus Pentosus.

+ Letterbox Friendly
Our powders come in small sachets, designed for easy, contact-free delivery. The smaller design leads to a reduced carbon footprint during the shipping process.

Please be aware that due to the nature of our probiotic products, we will not be able to receive this item back should you wish to return it. For this reason it’s advised that you take care when ordering, as we may not be able to offer you a refund.


Lactobacillus pentosus

Lactobacillus pentosus is a gram-positive, lactic acid bacterium that belong to the Lactobacillus genus. It can be found in a variety of different foods, including milk, cheese, and other fermented foods. It is a commensal organism which produces lactic acid from the fermentation of glucose, which makes it useful for various applications in the food industry. Lactobacillus pentosus has been found to be one of the primary probiotics which is used to improve health in humans (1). It is believed to help with digestive issue such as irritable bowel syndrome, and it also has been shown to help prevent and reduce symptoms of inflammation (1). Lactobacillus pentosus may help to improve gut health by maintaining the integrity of the intestinal mucosal barrier and it has the ability to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella enteritidis (1).

Epigenetics probiotic Lactobacillus pentosus is produced in a vegan friendly and convenient delayed release capsule. Recommended daily dose is 1 serving per day taken after a meal, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. This product is not intended to be used as an alternative to a varied diet.

Add a pot & scoop to your order to better store your probiotics and make dosing and mixing powders easier.


Ingredient Amount per serving ECRDA* %DV*
Inulin (from Jerusalem artichoke) 855 mg
Lactobacillus pentosus 50 mg (5B CFU)

† Percent Daily Reference Intakes (RI) not established.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Jerusalem artichoke tuber extract (Helianthus tuberosus), Lactobacillus pentosus.

Suitable for vegans

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Lactobacillus pentosus is an important probiotic strain that has been researched for its health-promoting benefits. One of the most important benefits of Lactobacillus pentosus is its ability to improve gut health. Studies have shown that it can interact with Akkermansia, a beneficial bacteria found in the gut, to increase its abundance in the intestinal tract. This results in increased production of anti-inflammatory compounds and other beneficial compounds, which help to protect the gut and improve its overall health (1). Likewise, Lactobacillus pentosus helps maintain the balance of the gut microbiota and prevents the overgrowth of harmful bacteria which causes digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea.

Lactobacillus pentosus may also have immune boosting properties. It has been suggested that the intake of b240, a strain of lactobacillus pentosus, may increase salivary SIgA secretion, which is an important factor in gut immune health (2). In addition, recent studies have suggested a strong connection between the skin and gut microbial communities and their role in host metabolism and immune health (3). This connection further indicates that an intake of b240, may help improve immune health by promoting gut microbial diversity.

Product Information

Packaging: 15 g

Recommended daily dose, 1 serving taken last thing at night on a empty stomach. Put the powder into a glass, add 100 ml of water and stir until dissolved.

Serving size: 1g     Servings per container: 15

Store in a refrigerator out of reach and sight of children. Once opened, consume within 6 months.



  1. Ma, Y., Hu, C., Yan, W., Jiang, H., & Liu, G. (2020). Lactobacillus pentosusIncreases the Abundance of Akkermansia and Affects the Serum Metabolome to Alleviate DSS-Induced Colitis in a Murine Model. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology8, 591408.
  2. Kotani, Y., Shinkai, S., Okamatsu, H. et al. (2010). Oral intake of Lactobacillus pentosusstrain b240 accelerates salivary immunoglobulin A secretion in the elderly: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. Immun Ageing 7, 11.
  3. Chen, L. et al. (2020) “Skin and gut microbiome in psoriasis: Gaining insight into the pathophysiology of it and finding novel Therapeutic Strategies,” Frontiers in Microbiology, 11. Available at:


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