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Item Number: 4202

Gut Workshop – 2nd December 2021


In this workshop, Gill will be exploring gut function and identifying appropriate remedies and diet recommendations.

Workshops are for in-person attendance only and will not be streamed online.

In stock


This is a practical, hands-on workshop to cover the testing procedure to assess a patient’s gut function and identify appropriate remedies and diet recommendations. This workshop will teach you essential knowledge to deal with a myriad of conditions that patients present.

Common Conditions
+ Food Intolerances/Allergies/Sensitivities
+ Leaky Gut
+ Impaired Digestion or Absorption
+ Bloating or Gas
+ Diarrhea or Constipation
+ Dysbiosis (Imbalance in the Gut Flora)
+ Fungal Infections
+ Parasitic Infections
+ Stomach Cramps
+ Joint Pain and Inflammatory Problems
+ Skin Problems

Crowne Plaza Hotel Marlow, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1GJ.

Teas, coffees and lunch will be provided.

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