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Item Number: 4189

Epigenetics Collaborative Course 2021 With Knowlative (October 8th – 10th)

Chris will be the lead speaker at the “Epigenetics Collaborative Course” with Knowlative, taking place on October 8th, 9th and 10th.

To book, please follow the link below to the Knowlative website.

Book now for a discounted price.


The event

Although genes and the genetic code are important in determining an individual’s physical and psychological appearance, they only tell part of the story.

Many of us are familiar with the term ‘epigenetics’ – the idea that gene expression can change under the influence of factors external to DNA . Environment, toxicity, emotions and trauma all seem to be involved. Can we use muscle testing and kinesiology techniques to identify stress in the genome and rebalance it? Can we use them to change the look of our bodies and, in essence, our life experience?

Join us in another Collaborative Course exploring the concept of Epigenetics: the physiology, chemistry, the emotional and energetic part of this exciting topic, taught with integrated practical protocols.


A Collaborative Course

This new event will focus on all aspects that influence gene expression. With the Human Genome Project, officially concluded in 2003 but still active by exploring minor genes) we had decided to reveal the secrets of how our phenotype is constructed. We now understand that, in addition to our genetic makeup, a wide range of external factors influence how our genes work and how we can adapt to the environment in which we live.

More than a congress, this event is structured as a real course – the difference is that it will be taught in a systematic way by 4 different teachers who will each share their point of view and their techniques in a single integrated protocol.