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Item Number: 4079

7th March 2020 – Bromsgrove UK – Anxiety and Depression

Bromsgrove, Hilton on March 7th 2020
This seminar is not free – for more details click ‘how to book’.

Location – Bromsgrove Hotel & Spa, Birmingham Rd, Bromsgrove B61 0JB
Subject – Nutritional Management of Anxiety and Depression
Contact Email –
Contact Phone – 01980 881646


KA Day 7th March 2020

Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa, Bromsgrove

We are delighted to announce that once again Epigenetics Ltd are supporting the Kinesiology Association and are sponsoring this full day seminar.

Nutritional Approach to Anxiety and Depression

The seminar will run from 10.00am to 5.30pm – Registration from 9.30am.

The purpose of this seminar is to equip you with the skills required to recommend the appropriate nutritional supplements for cases of anxiety and depression.  This along with the many emotional techniques you have already learnt in your kinesiology training will allow you to treat the many mental health issues that abound today.

  • Initially you will be able to determine whether a patient is suffering from anxiety or depression, as these states are often mis-diagnosed.
  • You will learn the analysis of the thought process and how these affect the biochemical state.
  • You will be able to analyse the neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety and depression and learn a practical protocol to determine this and the optimal way to find the nutrients required to balance your patient.
  • We will look at the emotions associated with each neurotransmitter which are emanating from the subconscious mind of your patient and demonstrate practical testing methods to assess where your patient is coming from emotionally.
  • We will look at foods that can influence mood and create an adverse response contributing to mental health issues.
  • The dysfunction of mitochondria within the cell can contribute to psychological states and nutrients can be determined to enhance mitochondrial function.
  • It is paramount in all conditions affecting the nervous system and brain function that we have the correct fats and oils.  Ways of assessing this will be demonstrated and remedies tested for.
  • The state of hypoxia in our patients can lead to conditions of anxiety and feelings of panic.  We will look at how to determine if hypoxia is contributing to the emotional state of the patient and explore the relevant nutrition.

Chris and Gill look forward to seeing you at the Anxiety and Depression seminar where they aim to blend the delivery of information with practical demonstrations and some hands-on workshopping.


Kinesiology Association Contact 01980 881646