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Item Number: 4043

3/4th October 2020 – Crawley – Head Trauma & Concussion



Head Trauma, Concussion and Brain Injury with Dr. Evan Mladenoff.

Watch the latest Head Trauma and Concussion video here or below.


A warm welcome from Dr. Mladenoff


An introduction to concussionology

Head Trauma, Concussion and Brain Injury with Dr. Evan Mladenoff and Chris Astill-Smith on the 3/4th October 2020 at the Arora Hotel Crawley.

Why a MasterClass? Nobody has the time to spend 1000 hours in a classroom to learn and be able to name every miniscual nerve pathway about brain function AND not know how to test it or fix! Attention to detail is imperative when dealing with head trauma.

Are you looking for more hands on, in depth guidance on using, interpreting, and creating treatments for concussions and head trauma with holistic principles? We have the answers and plan to execute Monday morning after the first seminar.

If so, we now have a fantastic resource available to providers who want an opportunity to receive intense hands on training and personal guidance on what next steps to take, all from one of the leading experts in the sports medicine community.

Not interested in concussions? If you have patients who have been in a car accident – they have a concussion. Failure to evaluate brain function will only create problems for you AND your patient will not get better.