Module/Film 1 – Using Colour as a Diagnostic Tool

Given by Chris Astill-Smith D.O., Diplomate I.C.A.K.

In this series of educational videos titled Using Colour as a Diagnostic Tool Chris looks at:

  • Constitutional body types determination using the three cone colour acetates. How to correct incorrect body type expression and mixed constitutional body types.
  • The Body Clock and how to correct when set incorrectly. Diagnosing primary meridian imbalances using the Alarm Points.
  • The Beginning and End point meridian imbalances and an introduction to their relationship to the neurotransmitters. Using Eyes into Distortion to diagnose the primary causes of health problems.

  • A new look at evaluating different genetic constitutions 

    We all are aware that people’s structure and size is different. Some people are tall, some medium and some small. Many different cultures have called these differences by names such in Ayurvedic medicine they are known as kapha, pita and vata. In the west they have been classed as endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs.

    Biologically the human body’s growth and metabolism is dependant upon three primary coordinating hormonal glands—the thyroid, the adrenal cortex and the gonads. These glands regulate our growth during childhood, the repair of tissue as we age, our metabolic rate, how we cope with all forms of stress and how we function and behave sexually.

    Back in 1993 Chris was studying defects in visual pigmentation in the eye of a number of patients with macular degeneration. One of the tests was using different coloured film over their eyes to determine both detrimental and beneficial light wavelengths. It is known that the human eye is a trichromate, that is it sees using three cones in the macular of the eye, each picking up wavelengths in the red, green and blue zones giving the human over 5 million shades of colour perception. Chris noted during clinical testing that one cone wavelength would be detrimental to a person whilst the other two were generally well tolerated. Occasionally a person would not weaken to any of the three colours but would weaken to a black film. This was found to indicate a low level of vital energy.

    Over the years Chris has identified that the weakening cone wavelength of a person matches the person’s body type. The body types have been identified as Red, Green or Blue. 

    Further investigation identified that each of the body types have very specific characteristics which are described by Chris in greater detail in the videos

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