Practitioner Commission & Discount Information

Applicable to UK and Republic of Ireland Practitioners only*

We run a practitioner programme with the intention of supporting practitioners who regularly purchase from us and are an integral part of the ‘Epigenetics family’.

We look at the last 3 months purchases (excluding VAT and delivery) of your Epigenetics products (not practitioner aids or seminars) both direct from yourself or your patients/clients and amend the discount and commission which is due to you. We will also reduce your discount and commission levels to the lower band if your monthly purchases aren’t sustained.

Silver Practitioner

Monthly purchases of £1 – £124 a discount and commission rates of 15%

Gold Practitioner

Monthly purchases of £125 – £208 a discount and commission rate of 20%

Platinum Practitioner

Monthly purchases of £209+ a discount and commission rate of 25%

In addition to the higher level of discount a Platinum practitioner receives the following:

  • Free attendance to many of our seminars
  • Free Epigenetics product test kit
  • Free test vial of any new Epigenetic products

  • We apply a practitioner discount if a practitioner orders directly from us and pays for the order. We can, if requested, ship the product direct to the practitioner’s client/patient.

    When an end user orders from us, we always ask “who is your practitioner?” – the referring practitioner then receives a commission on the order. If your patient/client orders online, please ask them to select you as the practitioner during the checkout process. You will need to inform us whether you’d like your commission to be paid to you directly, or to your Virtual Account. If you do not inform us, your commission payments will default to your Virtual Account. At the end of each month we will pay you the commission due on all your client’s/patient’s orders placed with us that month. You can log in online to view the orders you’ve earned commission against at any time. Your monthly commission payment will be made once your ‘balance’ is over £30. We will either make the commission payment as a cheque or a credit to your chosen payment card.

    If you choose to transfer funds to your Virtual Account, any purchase of products or practitioner aids with your Virtual Account will grant an extra 10% discount. This would be in addition to your Practitioner Discount. If you do not inform us that you’d like to be paid your commission within a 3 month period, we will automatically transfer your balance to your Virtual Account.

    You can opt in to having your commission paid to you directly at any time, however this will only affect future earnings. All funds currently stored in your Virtual Account will remain there.

    *The rules above apply to UK and Ireland practitioners. If you’re practicing from outside these countries please contact us for more information regarding the commission and discounts we offer internationally.