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Please note that the information shared here is for personal reference only and is not intended to take the place of sound medical advice from a qualified practitioner. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical guidance for any health conditions you have. Epigenetics Ltd accepts no responsibility for your health choices under any circumstances.

click for a larger image of DVD - Annual Update 2012 (4 DVD set)

DVD - Annual Update 2012 (4 DVD set)

£33.33 ex VAT
Product Description:

There are 4 DVDs designed to run on UK DVD playersconnected to the TV. We cannot guarantee the DVDs will play on DVD players in other parts of the world.

Annual update - 15th & 16th September

This is the ideal opportunity to review all the new material which Chris Astill-Smith has introduced during the past 12 months plus many new concepts recently in development. During the 2 day update Chris will be demonstrating his protocol on a number of delegates.

You will learn the relationship between imbalances in the energy pathways, hormones and weight

You will learn the latest information on fatty acids, cell membrane structure and ganglioside
synthesis. You will learn the role of fatty acids in inflammatory disorders and the aging process.

You will learn about cutting edge natural approaches in the management of both prostate and
breast cancers
sourced from a variety of the world’s leading practitioners in the subject.

You will learn how to diagnose and methods of treatment for subconscious and unconscious
emotional problems.

Chris will be demonstrating the new long awaited Digital Computer Diagnosis programme which is now available to purchase. Participants are invited to bring along their laptops (PC only) for a free trial application. You will learn how the two sides of the face reflect the subconscious emotions and how facial expression literally changes by simple application of the Epigenetic approach.

Chris will explain the cause why some people appear to change their weakening body type colour
and how to restore the basic constitutional colour using Miron glass light therapy. You will learn how imbalances in the subconscious emotions create changes in gene expression, hormonal output and ultimately body shape.

We have identified nutrients that correspond to the requirements of each body type and have manufactured products specifically designed for this purpose. This has
considerably simplified the diagnosing and prescribing of suitable remedies.

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