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Smart Vitamin E Oil 100ml

£23.16 ex UK VAT (Irish VAT exempt)
Product Description:

This product is supplied in Miron glass follow this link for more information


Vitamin E


Vitamin E is the most important fat soluble antioxidant

     Our membranes are constantly bombarded with free radicals not only from the highly toxic environment in which we live but also from the very process of detoxification itself and even from the everyday internal metabolic processes we undergo as part of normal functioning.

Our defence against this onslaught of damaging free radicals is antioxidants in our diet and taken as supplements.


How does Vitamin E protect us from the damage of billions of free radicals?


Vitamin E sits nestled amongst the various molecules in the cell membrane.  When a toxin or rogue free radical substance comes along and threatens to do damage to the fatty acids in the cell membrane, Vitamin E gets to work to prevent any harmful damage.


Vitamin E is a key defence in the nervous system, especially in the brain.  Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for the optimal development and maintenance of the nervous system.


It is very difficult to obtain the required among of Vitamin E we need from our diet to counteract all the potential damage we are faced with on a daily basis so a high quality Vitamin E supplement is generally an essential part of everyone's supplementation regime.


Smart Vitamin E


An innovative proprietary blend of oils providing an excellent source of Vitamin E, both tocopherols and tocotrienols

The majority of Vitamin E products are only alpha tocopherols or at best mixed tocopherols but that fails to incorporate all the biological effects of the complete Vitamin E complex.

Smart Vitamin E is a proprietary blend of pesticide free Wheatgerm oil, pesticide free Evening primrose oil and pesticide free Sesame seed oil


Pesticide free Wheatgerm oil

  • Contains phytochemicals and polyphenols which increase its antioxidant ability

Pesticide free Sesame seed oil

  • Contains a compound called Sesamin. This is an important substance in the Smart Vitamin E since it inhibits the enzymes which breakdown Vitamin E, therefore it causes an increase in vitamin E in the body, particularly the gamma tocopherol and gamma tocotrienols
  • With the addition of Sesamin this increases the amount of Vitamin E available in the product


Smart Vitamin E is a combination of pesticide free plant oils providing the complete Vitamin E complex    

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