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Please note that the information shared here is for personal reference only and is not intended to take the place of sound medical advice from a qualified practitioner. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical guidance for any health conditions you have. Epigenetics Ltd accepts no responsibility for your health choices under any circumstances.

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Smart Calcium pack of 60 capsules

£20.90 ex UK VAT (Irish VAT exempt)
Product Description:

Our capsules are despatched in a postal pack which make them more suitable for postage through the letter box with lower postal costs than a pot or bottle.

Smart products are the Epigenetics range of supplements that contain freeze dried extracts of plants containing organic sources of the specific nutrients. When natural sources of nutrients are added to synthetic compounds they act as biological catalysts for the body to function most efficiently.

A. Szent–Gyorgy who discovered Vitamin C, studied a disease involving capilliary fragility of the walls of the blood vessels. He treated one group of laboratory animals with peppers, a natrural food known to contain large amounts of Vitamin C. The second group received synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The disease was cured only in the first group of animals.
It has been suggested that natural vitamins contain in association with them certain essential trace minerals as well as enzymes and co-enzymes that act as organic catalysts, without which they cannot achieve their full vital effects.

In each of our Smart Products  the natural source is from plants that contain the highest percentage of the active nutrient.


In Smart Calcium the natural source is Arrowroot


Calcium is an essential mineral to life, and is required for normal growth and development of the skeleton. 

Humans are made up of approximately 1.2kg calcium of which 99% is stored in bones and teeth where its primary role is structural. One percent is in blood, tissues and fluids where it is essential for cellular structure and intracellualr signal transmission. 

Most dietary calcium is absorbed in the small intestine. Milk and dairy products are the most important dietary sources of calcium for western countries, however tinned fish are a rich source. 

Calcium absorption may be influenced by a number of factors such as adequate intake of Vitamin D, age and pregnancy. 


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