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Red Vital Energy Protector Spray 100ml

£9.36 ex VAT
Product Description:

The VEP spray (Vital Energy Protector Spray) is an energising and protective spray to be applied down the front and back of the body 3 to 4 times a day or as required.

It contains the essence of 12 different gemstones selected for their powerful frequency in protecting the energy fields around the body against all forms of negative energy including electromagnetic stress.

The gemstones and the frequency of love which is incorporated into the spray are powerful energisers of vital energy, also known as Prana in Auveydic medicine or Chi in Chinese medicine, which drives the health and vitality of the individual. 

The spray contains lemongrass aromatherapy oil which has been found universally to protect against negative thinking patterns whilst giving the spray a pleasing aroma.  The spray can be tailored to the individual by the incorporation of additional aromatherapy essential oils which are specifically selected for the person.  This further enhances the efficacy of this spray to combat their negative thought patterns which are a fundamental cause of ill health. This combination of aromas then produces a pleasing perfume which is both relaxing and uplifting for the individual.

The spray can also be used as a space clearer, to clear rooms of negative “vibes” and draining energy.  It is extremely helpful when sprayed around the body in situations of an energetically draining nature, for instance health practitioners.  It protects the body’s energy from being depleted.

It can also be used for pets to promote emotional balance and good health.

In addition the Red VEP contains the essential oils for a Red person





Rose Absolute

This product is supplied in Miron glass follow this link for more information



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