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Free Video Streaming -

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We now have Chris Astill-Smith's seminars available via free of charge video streaming on YouTube which will allow the seminars to be viewed on a PC or Mac.

With YouTube you will also be able to stop a video and see where you stopped and then start again at the same place at a different viewing. You will need to take a note of the video time line which is at the bottom of the video so you know where you stopped.

All of the DVDs are available to purchase as physical DVDs if you would like your own copy

All of the seminars are aprox 6 hours long and split into chapters, with the exception of the Annual updates which are aprox 13 hours:

Film 9 - Minerals July 2017
Volatile Organic Compounds July 2017
Film 8 - Vitamins and Co-Enzymes April 2017
Collagen and the Extracellular Matrix April 2017
Nutritional Management of Neurological Disorders November 2016
ASK - New Genes for Old October  2016
2016 Annual Update September 2016
Film 7 - Seven Ages of Man and Woman July 2016
Epigenetics and Toxic Metals July 2016
Chemistry of Pain April 2016
Film 6 Hormones March 2016
The Human Biome March 2016
Film 5 Neurotransmitters November 2015
Using Biomarkers in Clinical Practice November 2015
ASK - The Digestive System October 2015
2015 Annual Update September 2015
Enhancing your Brain Function July 2015
From Memory Loss to Dementia March 2015
Bone more than just a skeleton November 2014
Phonocardiography - Module 3 - Maximising Human Potential July 2014
Hypoxia - Oxygen the Ultimate Nutrient June 2014
Phonocardiography - Module 2 March 2014
Phonocardiography - An introduction November 2013
2013 Annual update September 2013
Anxiety or Depression June 2013
Genetic Disorders, Epigenetics, Biology and the Emotions October 2012
UK 2012 Annual Update September 2012
Neurotransmitters of Perception June 2012
Hormones of Perception March 2012
Epigenetics The Perception of Belief - the Introduction October 2011






















An extract from one of the seminars is below:-


All of our seminars are also available as physical DVDs - links to DVDs

We have produced 2 of the seminars as CDs, which contain just the sound track of the seminar these are ideal for catching up with Chris' work on those long car journeys

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