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Chromosomal wavelengths



New - Intestinal Flora booklet 

Epigenetics Ltd - Product Refrerence Guide

The list of all the Epigenetics Ltd products and their ingredients

Epigenetics Ltd now supply over 350 products ranging from liquids to capsules. This guide is an easy to use reference which shows the ingredients and recommended dose for each product.

Last updated March 19th 2019

Epigenetic Approach to Bone Density 


Genetic Research an article by Dr Merca

I've previously written about how your environment and lifestyle, particularly your diet, has a direct influence on your genetic expression. For example, research using identical twins have shown that diet trumps genes in terms of the level of health you achieve.

The science of epigenetics also challenges the conventional view of genetics, proving that the environment determines which traits a gene will express, and that your fate is in no way written in stone even if you have genetic predispositions.

Findings such as these offer tremendous amounts of hope for every single one of us, as it removes us from the position of victims of our heredity, and makes us masters of our own health and well-being.......

Genetic Research article

Epigenetics an article by Dr Merca

How much control do you really have over your own life in general, and your health in particular? These questions have puzzled many since the beginning of time. Now, the emerging science of epigenetics is offering some answers that put true control within your reach.

According to some scientists, changing your health may be as "simple" as changing your thoughts and beliefs......

Epigenetic article

Epigenetics products available as capsules

We now have a range of over 50 products available as capsules. A number of the products are only available in capsule form, some are available as capsules or liquids so the patient has choice in which form to take their supplement.

List of all the products currently available as capsules

Difference between the Smart B and Smart Blue Complex and Smart G and Smart Green Complex Capsules

Effective from April 4th 2014 we will no longer supply Smart B and Smart G, these have been replaced with Smart Blue and Smart Green capsules. The above chart shows the different ingredients

Epigenetics Seminars

All the presentations we run are available to download free of charge. We are constantly adding new material so please feel free to use this information.

If you look to the bottom left of this screen in the navigation section and find Practitioner Information you will see links to all the presentations we have run. Just click on the link and it will take you to the relevant page where you can obtain all the information used at the seminar.

When we run a presentation and there are any supporting materials we will also make this material available free of charge. For the general charts please the the bottom of this page which is packed with useful information We also provide free of charge a lot of the video of the present ions which can be streamed directly from our website. Most of the back catalogue of material is available free of charge some of the current material there is a charge.

Link to free video streaming.

Test Kits

We produce a full range of test kits, and we are regularly adding new ones.

This link will take you a list of our current kits where you will be able to see a content list of the vilas in all of our kits.

We are also able to supply copies of the vials from the test kits which Chris Astill-Smith previous produced. These vials will be supplied using activated charcoal.

Activated Charcoal

All Epigenetics test vials are produced using charcoal as the inert carrier rather than alcohol which has traditionally been used.

Over the years when using the test vials Chris has noticed that on some of his patients he has observed some spurious results when muscle testing. Through investigation he has indentified these people cannot tolerate alcohol and the test vials which contain alcohol were not always providing true results. For this reason all our test vials now contain activated charcoal.

For practitioners who use test kits with alcohol filled vials we do supply a simple solution an Ethanol inhibitor vial which negates the negative effects of the alcohol. Simply place the Ethanol inhibitor on the person’s body and you can continue to use your existing alcohol filled test vials.


DNA can be affected by words and frequencies

A very interesting article showing the true nature of our reality..

Practitioner charts for free download

Affirmations - unconscious emotion

B&E points

Cytochrome P450

Energy  flowchart

Hormone laminate

Meridian points

Music and meridians


Omega chart

Steroid chart

Sugar 1

Sugar 2

Sugar and Arthritis



The term biophotonics is made up of two Greek words: “bios” and “phos”. “Bios” means life and “phos” stands for light.

Biophotonics addresses medical and human science questions in the form of light based technologies. Both microscopic and spectroscopic methods belong to this, as well as the use of lasers to explain biological processes on a cellular level.

The main point of biophotonic research is the application of the characteristics of light on food production, pharmacy, bio-technology and medicine. With the help of light, images of microscopically small processes within living cells can be observed quickly and undisturbed................

Click here for the full article

The Epigenetics of Lyme Disease

The theory of epigenetic miasms may explain some of what makes you uniquely prone to the types of problems you experience that are collectively called Lyme disease. This is not “new age”, nor are we talking about genetic mutations, but it is more of an epigenetic phenomenon.

The epigenetics of Lyme disease

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