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What is epigenetics?

Genetic Research an article by Dr Merca

I've previously written about how your environment and lifestyle, particularly your diet, has a direct influence on your genetic expression. For example, research using identical twins have shown that diet trumps genesin terms of the level of health you achieve.

The science of epigeneticsalso challenges the conventional view of genetics, proving that the environment determines which traits a gene will express, and that your fate is in no way written in stone even if you have genetic predispositions.

Findings such as these offer tremendous amounts of hope for every single one of us, as it removes us from the position of victims of our heredity, and makes us masters of our own health and well-being.......

Genetic Research article

Epigenetics an article by Dr Merca

How much control do you really have over your own life in general, and your health in particular? These questions have puzzled many since the beginning of time. Now, the emerging science of epigenetics is offering some answers that put true control within your reach.

According to some scientists, changing your health may be as "simple" as changing your thoughts and beliefs......

Epigenetic article

The New Biology 

Epigenetics is the science of understanding how perception creates the biology of our bodies.

Epigenetics is mediated by environmental signals through perceptions which in turn can change the read out of our genes. How you see the world selects which genes are going to be activated and modifies the read out  to make proteins that best fit the environmental  circumstances of the time. Perception runs our genes, but not all perceptions are true. Misperceptions can miss run our genes. Misperceptions are interpretations of the world that are inaccurate. Inaccurate perceptions will inaccurately run our biology which will lead to dysfunctions and disease which is why thought becomes a prominent contributor to the state of health we express. Perception is the primary mechanism that controls our biology.


The Epigenetics of Lyme Disease

The theory of epigenetic miasms may explain some of what makes you uniquely prone to the types of problems you experience that are collectively called Lyme disease. This is not “new age”, nor are we talking about genetic mutations, but it is more of an epigenetic phenomenon.

The epigenetics of Lyme disease

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The Natural Health Federation has a very interesting article on Epigenetics on their website

The Rise of Epigenetics

The new frontier of science is the field of epigenetics. A true genetic change means there is a change in the DNA sequence. Epigenetics explains factors that are not such DNA changes. Rather, epigenetic changes relate to how genes are expressed. Some are set in response to early environmental influences such as prenatal malnutrition or nutrient deficiency. As cells split and divide, however, epigenetic factors play a large role in determining life-long human health and are strongly linked to poor health and the onset of disease. Epigenetic weaknesses magnify during aging and are major factors in the cause of cancer, heart disease, neurological and cognitive disorders, obesity, diabetes, infertility and sexual dysfunction.

This new science is finding that when toxins interfere with the human genome, they can cause lasting damage in the form of adverse epigenetic changes which can occur at any point in one’s life. This is not simply an issue of pollution. Researchers are now demonstrating that regular use of many drugscan cause adverse toxic epigenetic changes, a finding that has alarming implications today’s medical practices. Up to this point in time, drug safety has not involved studying the impact of any drug on epigenetics. Science now has the ability to see what is going on in this realm. The pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, unsurprisingly, have no interest in understanding and considering this new, ground-breaking information as the public would significantly reduce their intake of drugs................

Click here for the full article on the Natural Health Federation website


The full article as a word document

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