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Epigenetics Ltd have been trading since 2011 when Chris Astill-Smith and his partners, Bob Kite, and Gill Farr joined forces to form the new company.

We now supply products all over the world and ship over 2,000 orders per month.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality raw materials and strive to obtain organic or pesticide free ingredients.

All our products are manufactured on site in our new purpose built premises which we moved into in September 2014

We supply an ever increasing range of products and there are over 340 products which we can now supply as capsules ranging from our Alkaline Minerals to Zinc with many speciality products in between such as Smart Homocysteine, Smart Eyes, and Smart Heart. To compliment the capsules, they are shipped in a new postal pack which is designed to make the package smaller so we can send them out in the post as a large letter which will make the postage less expensive.

An additional advantage of the capsule packaging is because the postal pack is flat it will more easily go through a letterbox, resulting in less packages left  with neighbours or taken back to the Sorting Office.


A capsule or a liquid?

Many of our products are available either as a capsule or a liquid, the choice of which to take depends on a number of factors:

  • Our liquid herb and spices are tinctures of dried herbs and spices and alcohol—there is no alcohol in our capsules.· Some adults and especially children do not like taking a capsule so prefer a liquid.
  • For some conditions particularly relating to parasites and the gut, a capsule is preferable as it will get further down the digestive tract.
  • Capsules are more convenient to take on holiday.
  • Liquids are more precise to dose.
  • Capsules use less packaging when we despatch them and they cost less to post.
  • Certain raw materials will not mix in liquid form so some product formulas will vary between capsules and liquids.


Epigenetics capsules- please do not be put off in the ingredient list by Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose – this is the wood cellulose which the capsule is made from.

You will notice a few of our capsules contain Microcrysalline cellulose, sometimes we do need to mix the active ingredient in the capsule so that it is evenly distributed throughout the capsule to ensure the correct dose is contained in each capsule.


All prices quoted are NET (exclusive of VAT) and correct at time of printing.

All information contained within this  Reference Guide is correct at time of printing.

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