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Enhancing Your Brain Function

This seminar was recorded on July 4th at the Arora Hotel Crawley

Exercises to stimulate each of the 7 neurotransmitters

Optimising nutrition for each neurotransmitter

Identifying the Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus body clock and diagnosing the Definitive Meridian Imbalance.

Brain and body stimulation through light -

Photons and Biophotons – Using specific wavelengths of visible and invisible light in diagnosis and therapy

Early research by Fritz Popp, Philip Sykes and Philip Walpole

Francis Crick and Optogenetics – modulating genetic expression through light

Brain plasticity through exposure to light.

LED versus Laser light.

Gas chromatography for identifying Volatile Organic Compounds – Common biomarkers used in clinical practice. Dogs smelling cancer.

Light sensitive compounds in the human body. Rhodopsin. The role of heme. Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, Cytochrome C. Complex lV in the mitochondrial membrane as the source of biophoton emanation.

Specific healing wavelengths in the near infrared wave band.

Muscle testing to diagnose genetic defects using specific monochromic coloured acetates.

Principles of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Uses in treating degenerative brain disorders and infectious diseases.

Therapy using complementary coloured acetates from the visible range and infrared LED light.


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